Chapter 1

“You want to know why i married you , don’t you?”

“I married you because i know that you are having an AFFAIR with Shyam , my jijaji.”

“I married you to protect my sister from you and that shyam.”

“I know that girls like you don’t have a character.”

“That you don’t have a character”

“That YOU don’t have a CHARACTER”


Khushi slumped on the floor of the bedroom, not able to erase these words out of her mind. These words said by
her husband, kept repeating in her mind.

Khushi stood up from the floor with shaky legs. She is not able think properly. She locked the door of the
bedroom and start walking towards her bathroom and open the water tap to fill the bathtub. She lied down in
the bathtub wearing clothes. Then she picked up the scissors from the first aid box.

My family disowned me.

My husband dosen’t trust me.

He thinks i am characterless.

I don’t have any strength in me now. I want to be with my amma babuji…where there will be no pain , away from this world of pain.

I am sorry arnavji for the pain i caused you. I am sorry Amma, Babji, jiji , i have to leave.

I think you will be able to live peacefully if i will be not with you in this world.

She cuts both of her writs with scissors.

Deep cuts.

So there will be not a chance of her survival.
Why am i not feeling any pain? This is the indication that I am doing the right thing for myself and for others.

She closed her eyes and thought about all the moments she spent with her amma, babuji , buaji and jiji and…



Her eyes opened the moment she thought about arnav .

She looks in the bathtub which is now red in colour because of her blood.

She smiled.

He likes red. Its his favourite colour. I will die covered in his favourite colour.

Her eyes started closing. The last thing she heard before she lost her conscious was opening of the bathroom door and someone shouting her name.



And she lost consciousness…

2 responses to “Chapter 1

  1. I have read it on if and I am reading again on blog…this one very thought provoking story…to feel how a human mind work

  2. Awesome start though poor khushi has to go through so much !! Hopefully such an extreme step will change the way Arnav looks at khushi forever. ship13(IF)

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