Chapter 2

f**king hell! why?why my life is becoming a joke again why dammit?
why have i not able to see the pain in her eyes when I blurted the truth about the reason of our marriage?

The woman who was going to destroy my di’s life, have i not known , would have also succeeded in it , why her
pain bothers me?

Why the look of hurt in her eyes pains me? She was going to committe suicide because she thought
i loved lavanya ? who is she to committe suicide when
she is already a murderer. She has murdered my soul when shewas indulging herself with shyam . She killed my already shattered soul.

Then why the hell? Why in hell it hurts to see her in pain when she only
gave me my biggest pain.

Arnav rested her head on the steering wheel . His phone rang startling him. He picked up his phone not bothering
to see who it was , still engrossed in his thoughts. He jerks back when he heard his di’s worried voice from the phone which immediately got him worried about her.

“Di! what happened? why are you sounding so tensed?”

“Did khushi said something to di. If yes she will not be spared by me today.”thought arnav.

“Chote, come home immediately. I don’t know what happened between you and khushiji , but now i am getting worried about her. She didnt come out of her
room since you have dropped her back home. She hasnt eaten anything and when i went to your room to check
on her, she didnt even replied to me. Now its night chote. She didnt have even her dinner . Come home

‘What the hell now what is all this drama of her. Today i will give her some piece of mind thought arnav.
“I am coming di. Bye.”

He arrived home in rage and straight climed the straight to her room but the door of his room was locked.
“Khushi open the door this instance or it will not be good for you.”
But the reply never came. He banged on the door but still no reply. Now he started getting worried and every
member of the family came to stand in front of the room, all worried about khushi.

Arnav thought of something and heads towards the pool side area and opened the french door and entered the
room. Family following him.But khushi was not there in the room.

At first all were shocked by not finding khushi in the room. Arnav bangs the bathroom door but it opened
with a jerk. The was not locked and what he saw , sucked the breath out his body, his eyes wide in shock, his heart beat stopped , he felt numb.

There was khushi in bathtub in water full of blood and blood flowing out of her writs. Everybody was first shocked.
Nobody moved a muscle. Anjali recovers from her initial shock and whispered khushi’s name that was enough tobbring arnav in reality . He shouted khushi’s name and
ran to her.


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