Chapter 3


Arnav and others ran to her. He picked her in his arms with shakey hands and rushed out of the bathroom, inside the room.

He gently laid her to the bed. He shouted at akash to call ambulance fast. Akash immediately called the

“K..khushi…k…k..khushi . P..please…pplease open your
eyes. What have you done dammit?” Arnav said patting her cheek. Anjali was beside arnav , trying to comfort

“Where is the f**king ambulance dammit?” shouted arnav at akash.
“B..bhai they are ariving.”

“I cant wait now” arnav said picking khushi in his arms.

“I cant loose her. I bloody cant loose her” he ran out of the room, down the stairs and out of the house with
akash and anjali following behind.

Akash opened the backdoor of the SUV and arnav laid khush down on the backseat and anjali climped in the
car and put khushi’s head on her lap.

Arnav immediately drove to the hospital with akash on the passenger seat. Arnav drove the car really fast ,Breaking all the traffic rules in between.

They reached the hospital in ten minutes. Arnav immediately carried khushi in the hospital and shouted
for the doctors. Nurses and doctors rushed towards him and he put her down on the strecher and held her
bleeding hand while walking with the strecher.

He left her hand once they reached the operation theator. As the door of the OT closed, arnav staggered back and slide down the wall onto the floor , staring at
the closed doors. Anjali and akash rushed towards him.

“What have i done to her?” whispered arnav.

Anjali heard this and held his face to make him look at her.
“What do you mean by what have you done to her” she asked shaking him because his eyes were not focusing
on anything. He was not there mentally.

“I cant live without her. I will die without her.” he mumbled to himself.
Now anjali was getting worried. She shaked him roughly.”Chotey look at me . Nothing, i mean it . Nothing will happen to her. Do you hear me? NOTHING will happen to her chotey. ” anjali said loudly to bring him back to
the reality.

Arnav’s eyes focused on anjali’s face and he embraced her and now was on the verge of crying.”D…d…di please tell me nothing will happen to her. I
will die without her. She cant leave me di.” arnav said to anjali . His body was shaking badly.

“Di she CANT LEAVE ME!” he shouted breaking the hug. Standing up he said “I will not forgive myself if something happened to her. I will kill myself , if she
dosent comes back to me. No she cant leave me. She have to come back to me.” he started mumbling to

Anjali was crying now, watching this state of her baby brother. She was just praying that nothing should happen to khushi or else her brother will die. He will not be able to take this blow.

Akash was leaning on the wall,watching his elder brother breaking down in front of him.

Never in his lifetime he had thought that he would ever see his brother, the great ASR breaking down like this.
It was very scary. He knew he have to be the one to handle everything because the one who had been doing
the job of handling things is now not even able to handle himself.

Akash made a call and informed all the guptas about this.

One response to “Chapter 3

  1. Brilliant writing !! Poor Arnav and khushi … What a horrible way to realize that he cannot live without khushi !! ship13(IF)

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