Chapter 4




The hospital corridor was filled with these sounds. But none could make through arnav’s ears. He had gone
numb. He was oblivious to these cries, screams and the questions which was being hurled towards him by
khushi’s family. He was sitting on the floor, his back rested on the wall behind, his eyes at the door of operation theatre, where his khushi was, where his life was, and he first in his life time was feeling helpless. He cannot do anything to bring her back to him safe and sound. He was dependent on the doctors, the doctors only can save his LIFE. He now nomore can write his
own fate.


Before the arival of the gupta family and the other raizadas , Akash and anjali, both tried to make arnav sit
on the bench that was kept near the O.T , but he didnt budge .

Akash and anjali both tried their best to make him sit on the bench but, he was fixed on the spot , not moving an inch, he didnt even uttered a word, just kept
staring blankly at OT door.

Anjali broke down seeing his brother’s state. Akash seeing his sister breaking down got tensed about her health as she is pregnant. He put his hands on anjali’s shoulders and led her to the benches and sat her down, gave her water to drink, to calm her nerves. She should not be taking this much stress, it will not be good for the baby.

Akash eyed his brother, before sitting next to anjali. He held her hands, as she sobbed quitely now and spoke in
a calm voice.”Di, we should give bhai some time. He wanted to sit in front of the OT , let him. He is not in the right state of mind and you should not stress
yourself, you have to be Strong for bhai. You are his biggest support di.”

Anjali’s sobs stilled ,she looked up to see akash, as hiswords sunk in her. Akash squeezed her hand when she
looked at him. “You have to this for bhai, he needs you.” continued akash.

Anjali wiped her tears and nodded. “Have you informed khushiji’s family akash??” she asked. “Yes di ,but i have
not informed that khushi tried to kill herself and i also told payal to not to tell them any of this as of now.”
akash answered.

“You have done the right thing akash.
We’ll them the whole thing once they come here.”said anjali.

They sat on the bench in silence. After 15 minutes or so other raizadas , followed by gupta family arrived at
hospital and what they saw…froze them.
Arnav sitting on the floor, eyes wide open, staring blankly at front, looking like that life has sucked out of
him. Akash and anjali noticed them and stoop up .

Anjali followed their line of gaze and immediately rushed towards nani , who looked like she will break down at any moment watching her strong grand son so broken.

Garima and buaji rush towards arnav, questioning him about their daughter, but he didnt answered. Garima
started shaking him when he didnt replied to none of her question, continously weeping for her
daughter…desperate to know her condition.

Akash and payal led weeping garima and buaji away from arnav.

Anjali held nani’s shoulder to support her weak frame and rushed to console her about arnav.”Nani , nothing
happened to him, he is just in shock, give him some time, he will get back to us.”. Nani nodded her head slowly not at all convinced considering the state of her grand son.

“Khushi bitiya?” nani asked her voice shaking.

“She is in OT nani, we didnt know anything about her condition yet.” anjali replied. “Everything will be alright anjali bitiya, dont worry.” said nani keeping her composure.

“Hai re nandkishore , what happened to titaliya akash bitwa tell us. ” buaji asked.

Akash looked at the gupta family who looked scared and he was now thinking of the right way to them the
matter. Payal saw her husband struggling to tell her family anything , so she stood beside him and kept her
hand on his shoulder to give him her support.

“Payaliya what happened to khushi, tell me now.” garima asked worriedly.

“Aunty, buaji please first sit then i’ll you what happened to khushiji.” said akash.
Garima and buaji sat on the bench reluctantly, worry etched on their face, tears continously flowing down theirs eyes.

Akash knelt down in front of garima and held her hands and took a deep breadth before replying. “Aunty k..khushiji, khushiji tried to kill herself.” he said in one breadth and closed his eyes.

Silence filled around them.

Garima’s eyes widened and buaji then shrieked , not believing what they were hearing.

“What are you saying babua ? Why would she try to kill herself.?” buaji shouted.

Payal seeing her mother quite, rushed towards her and put her arm around her and replied to buaji while sobbing.”Buaji, arnavji found khushi in the bathroom , blood was flowing out of her writs. We dont know why she did it.”

“How is khushi akash bitwa?” asked garima who just wanted to know about her daughter.

“We dont know anything yet aunty. We have to wait for the doctors to tell us something.” replied akash. Nk till now was the silent spectatore of all this. He was now getting more and more worried about his cousin, nannav who so much so didnt even blinked his eyes for a second.

He haven’t thought that he will see arnav so shattered and broken one day. Nk know that somebody has to
break his silence. Nk went towards arnav and sat beside him on the floor quietly.

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