Chapter 5

Nk sat quietly beside arnav on the floor waiting for him acknowledge his presence. When Arnav didn’t acknowledge his presence for the 5 minutes, he stood up and stand in front of arnav and kneeled down in front of him, kept his hands on arnav’s knees and came face to face with arnav. That is when he saw arnav’s face for the first time clearly and Nk was terrified to see such hollowness in arnav’s eyes . His eyes had haunted look and were red as tears didn’t flow out of his eyes.

When Nk came face to face with arnav , his unfocused eyes focused on NK’s face slowly and he blinked his eyes slowly and a lone tear escaped from arnav’s eyes. NK wiped his tear and gently put his hand on arnav’s shoulder. “Nannav, mere bhai everything will be alright . You don’t worry.”said Nk to bring arnav out of his state of shock. ‘If we didn’t get khushiji back what will happen to nannav. He will not be able to live.’thought Nk.

Nk’s words registered in arnav’s numb mind slowly and everything came back to
him like a flash of lightning.

Khushi in bathtub…

Bathtub full of blood…

Khushi’s blood…


Arnav immediately hugged Nk , his whole body was shaking with fear. Nk hugged him back immediately after he get over with initial shock.

“N..N..Nk p..p..please save khushi. You…you are her friend…please her…I cannot live without her…please i am begging you…save h..her please…I’ll die without her Nk…i’ll die ” arnav whispered desperately.

Nk rubbed arnav’s back to calm him down but he was shaking badly with every passing second and was pleading to him again and again to save khushi.

“Nannav nothing will happen to khushiji believe me.” But it fell deaf on arnav’s ears. When arnav didnt calm down , Nk broke the hug and held his shoulders tightly and shook him badly. “Nannav listen to me. Khushiji needs you Arnav Singh Raizada not your corpse. Do you understand Arnav.” Nk shouted at him. Arnav immediately stopped his mumbling.

Everybody was stuned to see Nk shouting at arnav and Nk first time addressed arnav by his name, not nannav. Everybody rushed towards them . Anjali was about to stop Nk when akash put his hand on her shoulder to stop her. Anjali turned back to see akash and he shook his head in no and indicated with her head to see Nk and arnav.

When anjali saw arnav and Nk , she realised that Nk is doing the right thing. She could see arnav coming back to his senses.

“Arnav, arnav look at me, are you listening to me. Your khushi needs you. Do you understand what i am saying ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA.” shouted Nk.

Arnav stood up. “Yes my, my khushi needs me. I cannot leave her alone, when she needs me. ” he mumbled. ‘I am Arnav singh raizada. I am always in control of myself and most importantly khushi needs me.’ thought arnav. He rubbed his face with his palms and when he opened his eyes, he was not the arnav they all saw some minutes ago, he was Arnav Singh Raizada in all his glory.

Nk smiled slightly seeing his brother back and hugged him.

Arnav saw the state of his sister.”Akash you take di, nani and mami back home. It is not good for them to be here.” said arnav.

“Of course bhai.”

“But chotte you need us…” said anjali but arnav interrupted her.

“Di, i am fine. Don’t worry about me.”


Arnav turned to look at garima and noticed that babuji was not with them. “Aunty, babuji is alone at home??”



“Woh beta , happyji is with him. We didnt tell him about khushi, because of his health.” replied garima.


Arnav turned to Nk. “Nk drop aunty and buaji to their home and…”garima interupted him. ” But bitwa i want to be here.”

“Aunty you should be with uncle. He is alone there and it is not good for him.” said arnav.

“Nk and akash drop them home and come back here. I will be needing you here.” said arnav in his commanding voice.

“Yes bhai.”

“Ok nannav.”

Anjali hugged arnav.”Take care of yourself chote.”
“I am fine di. You go.” said arnav.
While going out of the hospital, Nk whispered in akash’s ears.”Nannav is back to his akdoo self. ” Akash smiled. “I like him like this only and who was shouting at him some minutes ago and what was with ARNAV, where did NANNAV go at that time huh Nk?” asked akash to lighten the mood.

NK turned serious.”It needed akash.”

Akash side hugged Nk.”I know Nk bhai, you did the right thing. ”

Nk smiled. “I know, i am always right akash.”

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