Chapter 6

Arnav sat on the bench alone in silence. Suddenly OT door opened and the doctor came out. Arnav immediately stood up seeing him. He was not able to voice out his questions to the doctor, when the doctor started speaking urgently.

“Mr. Raizada, your wife has lost a lot of blood before even you brought her here. She has cut her writs very deeply like she in no way wanted to survive.”said the doctor.

Arnav breath stopped. ‘Khushi you cant leave me and i will make sure of it’.thought arnav.

“we have dressed her wrists, but a lot of blood have been lost. Due to this the danger of heart attack is increasing every second. We need AB- blood mr. Raizada, which is the rarest of the blood in the world and we dont have it in the hospital.”continued doctor.

Arnav gripped doctor’s collor in his hands.” You dont have the f**king blood in your hopital? Then arrange it from other hospital you bas***d and if something happened to my wife then i will make sure that
this hospital will be closed.”arnav said in low threating voice.

“Mr. raizada Please behave your self. You ask her family members or your family who could have this group blood. We have tried with other hospitals also but the result was negative. We are trying Mr. Raizada to arrange it . If you help us arranging it then we can save your wife. We dont have much time Mr. Raizada.” with that the doctor freed himself from his grip and left back to OT.

Arnav stood rooted on the spot, his mind processing so many things but only one thought stood out—- cant loose khushi. He frantically pulled out his phone and dialled N.K’s and akash’s no.

“Nannav what happened?”


Arnav took a deep breadth. He need to remain calm. Control arnav control, dont let the fear consume you. You need to be strong—for khushi.

“Nk, akash, i want both of you to arrange AB- blood…from where…i dont know , but i want the blood…ask you friends…anybody…just arrange the blood or we’ll loose khushi” his voice came out as whisper at his last words.

“No, nannav we’ll not loose khushi. Akash and i will arrange the blood ok?” Nk tried to console him.

“Yes bhai, Nk is right. We’ll just ask our friends and in hospitals, we’ll get the blood bhai …dont worry.”

Arnav ended the call. Then he dialled aman’s no. and asked him to find out if any of his employee have this blood group. As he was in call with aman then something clicked in his mind and he ended his the call immediately. He searched for a nurse and asked her to call the doctor from O.T.

Doctor came out of the O.T.”What happene mr. Raizada ? Have your arranged the blood?”

“I have O- blood group, it is universal donor ,no?”doctor nodde”So i can give khushi my blood then.”Hope shining in his eyes.

“But we cant give her your blood Mr. Raizada . You are diabetic and we cant take your blood,as it will not be good for your body” doctor tried to explain him.

“Are you kidding me? My wife is struggling to survive and you are concerned about my health. I dont care what would happen to me. Just save her dammit. Take as much as blood you want.” If he can save her life then dosen’t give a damn about himself.

“Please try to understand Mr.Raizada. We can’t risk your health for saving your wife.” he tried to explain arnav who was desperate to give her his blood at any cost.

“Just take the blood dammit, i dont care about myself” he yelled at the doctor.

Doctor knew he wont rest until he give his blood. “Ok. But we will take only that much blood only which will not affect your body in any way and with your blood we can stabilize her condition till morning only and we’ll be needing more blood.”Arnav nodded.”Nurse, take Mr. Raizada to the lab.”

Arnav came out of the lab after giving his blood. He was somewhat feeling relieved to know that nothing will happen to khushi till morning. Now they have some time to arrange the blood. He stood outside O.T door , watching khushi, laying on the bed, oxygen mask on her pale face, her breathing shallow, uneven, white bandages on both of her writs. He was scared to the core to see her like this. Afear that he never knew, settled in his heart.”Please come back to me…dont leave me khushi…i’ll do anything…please just dont leave me.” he whispered against the glass, his eyes red with unshed tears.

Aman entered the hospital corridor with a man.”ASR”he called. Arnav looked up to aman”His blood group is AB- ASR.”Arnav feld so relieved.”Go to the doctor immediately with him aman.” He turned towards the man.”Thankyou so much for doing this favour.”
The man smiled.”Its nothing sir , i am glad that i can help you to save your wife.”

Aman left with the man to the doctor. Arnav felt as if he can breath now, that now nothing will happen to khushi,she will not leave him. He called nk and akash to inform them about the blood and asked them to go home and take some rest . Now he was alone in the hospital corridor.’She did this because of me. Why did i have to tell her reason…she attempted suicide because of me. Why cant i control my anger.? Because of my anger i nearly lost her. I dont know if she loves shyam or not , but i will not allow her to leave me at any cost. Had i made a mistake ? Is khushi innocent? Yes she is innocent…his heart whispered. I have to find this out ,but now khushi is more important. I love her and i cant and will not hurt her again…no never..!!’

Anjali was sitting with payal and nani in her room. She was in deep thoughts…arnav’s words kept repeating in her mind. What did he mean by ‘he did this to khushi.’? What has he done to her that she have to take this step. Her chain of thoughts broke by a voice which she was craving to hear , whose support she badly needs.

“Rani sahiba.”

One response to “Chapter 6

  1. Good that the blood was found and Arnav donated his blood to khushi !! After the suicide attempt wondering why was Arnav still questioning khushi’s role in the alleged affair with Shyam !! Looking forward to the next update. šŸ™‚ ship13(IF)

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