Chapter 8

“Arnav snapped his head towards the man he loathed with his whole being. The red colour of his blood shot eyes become more prominent due to the anger which rose inside him at the sight of this man. He watched as shyam walked towards him with a look of utter sadness on his face but he can very well see the glint of anger in shyam’s eyes.

Shyam stood in front of arnav , sadness looming on his face. Arnav stood up fast,grabbing shyam’s collar ,pushed him to the front wall. His eyes contained unbound fury for this pathetic excuse of a man. “How dare you come here..??” Arnav spat out in a low threatening voice, tightening his grip on shyam’s collar.

It took few seconds for shyam to recover from this sudden action of arnav. He quickly put up his mask.”What are you doing saale sahab . You are getting me wrong , i only came to lend you my support. I got to know from Rani sahiba about khushiji’s condition.” Something snapped inside arnav listening khushi’s name from his mouth.

“How dare you to have affair with her.” He gripped his neck. Shyam chocked out his words, trying to free his neck from arnav’s grip.”Saale sahab…it was a mistake…believe me…i..i am changed”

“You better stay loyal to my Di if you know what is better for you or i’ll see that you curse every single breath you take and wish to die but even death will not come to you.” Arnav warned him, tighten his hold on his neck for once then freed him.

Shyam stood against the wall ,catching his breath ,rubbing his neck to sooth the pain. He smiled wickedly. Ofcourse saale sahab , i will be loyal but not to you Di but to my khushiji and i will see what you can do to stop me.

“Get out…” Arnav said. “But saale sahab, i..” Arnav interrupted him. ” I said get the hell out of here…” Shyam left from there. Arnav punched the wall “Bloody motherf**ker”


“Chotte…” Arnav turned. Anjali noticed the tiredness, the relief, and something else which she could not decipher. ‘What is going on in his mind ‘ She thought. Arnav felt anjali’s Scrutinizing gaze and averted his eyes.

“Bhai , how is khushiji now..??” akash enquired. “She is out of danger now as i ‘ve told you earlier. She is unconscious ,doctor said that she will gain consciousness after some hours.” Arnav informed.

“Chote, come with me to the cafe, lets get you a coffee. You must be tired. Akash you stay here till then.” Anjali said looking at arnav.

Arnav knew that his di will ask some questions to which he doesn’t have any answers. But he have to face them nevertheless. So he quietly followed his di to the cafe. They sat ,anjali ordered two coffees for both of them. They sat in silence. Arnav was waiting for his to break the silence and anjali thinking of the ways to put her thoughts in front of arnav.

“Chote..”anjali started.”…you remember what you said to me , the time when khushi was being operated.”

Arnav was hesitant. He does remember the things he said but not all of it. “ don’t know what are you talking about di.” Anjali sighed.”You can’t lie to me chote. I know you remember and no don’t try to deny it.” anjali said as he opened his mouth to say. “…you were accusing yourself for her state chote. Why..?? Why would you ..?? Have you said anything to her..?? Did you two fought in gupta house..?? But what happened that she took such a step chote.”

Arnav turned his head ,not knowing what to say he have no idea as to what he could tell to his di, that his wife was having affair with her husband..??

Anjali turned to his face towards her. “Look at me chote and tell me what really happened between you and khushi. For god sake chote. Your wife tried take her life. We could have lost her.”

Arnav closed his eyes in pain.”Believe me di . No one know this better than me that i could’ve lost her. But please i..i cant tell you anything now di. We should concentrate on khushi.”

“But chote..” Arnav interrupted her. “Please di..”

“Get one thing straight chote that what happened between you two if you don’t solve it then you will surely loose her in future and this time for forever.” she said this and left from there leaving arnav with the thought that scare him the most.

‘You will loose her and this time for forever’ Anjali’s words echoed in his ears. No i will not let this happen. I will never loose her..never ever and this is my promise to myself.

“Bhai..!!” Akash called him from cafeteria’s door. He turned. “Bhai, khushiji is awake now.” Arnav felt his heart would burst in joy. Arnav left with him to see her.

Akash entered first. Arnav was hesitant to enter , not knowing what he would see. He heard akash calling out di in worried voice. ‘What happened’ he thought. He pushed open the door and entered, there he saw his di crying and akash trying to control her. Then he saw the reason behind his di’s tears. Khushi , just staring at di unblinkingly, not emotion on her face , eyes dead. As she was in other world, just lying there lifeless, nothing reached her ears. Di’s cries were futile.

She just lay there, motionless. His heartbeat stopped, he was feeling suffocated, breathing heavily ,he staggered back causing the door to close. His body slid down the door, he stared ahead at khushi or the remains of the girl named khushi that lay there.

The sound of shutting of the door caught akash’s and anjali’s attention. Anjali freed herself from akash’s hold and walked towards arnav.


“What did you do to her arnav.” she shouted at him. Akash stared at anjali and arnav in utter shock. He never ever saw anjali in anger and he first time in his life heard anjali calling arnav by his name.

Anjali grabbed his arm and pulled him up, dragged him towards khushi. “Di what are you…” akash tried to intervene but anjali cut him off. “Stay out of it akash.” Anjali pulled arnav forward. “See arnav and tell me who is she..?? Do you know her. No she is not khushi, she the khushi i know. What have you done to her chote..?? Tell me WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO HER…!!??” Anjali shouted, shaking him. She grabbed the bedside table for support, akash seeing this rushed towards her and sat her down on the chair. “Relax di, please!”

Arnav at khushi ‘s face, white as the sheet of paper, lost all of the blood,lifeless eyes. “Khushi…” he whispered.

No response…

“Khushi…!!!” a little more loudly.

No response…

He grabbed her shoulders. “Talk to me khushi..!!” he said shaking her, but she kept staring at him.

“Talk to me dammit.” he shouted at her. Tears were flowing out of his eyes.

“Bhai, stop it. I am calling the doctor.” akash left.

“Please talk to me khushi..please.” arnav whispered.

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