Chapter 9

Akash entered the ward with the doctor. Arnav was not ready to leave khushi. He was continuously pleading, shouting at her to talk to him once but she just stared at him blankly. Not even one emotion flickered in her eyes. No anger, no pain , not even hurt , absolutely nothing. She continued to stare at him .

“Mr. Raizada please leave from here and wait outside while i check the patient.” Doctor turned to akash. “Mr. Raizada , take Mr. Jha outside and get her checked. She is not in a good condition here.” Akash nodded.”Bhai..??” He looked at his brother who was not leaving his eyes from khushi. “You leave with di akash . I am staying here.” Akash looked at him with worried eyes. ‘Don’t know what more bhai have to face’ he thought as he remember all the hardship his cousin brother had faced since his childhood. Akash left with anjali sobbing silently on his shoulder.

“Mr. Raizada it will be good if you wait outside.” Doctor tried once again. Arnav’s anger rose instantly. “I said I am not leaving my wife. Now check her. I am her husband and i am not going anywhere leaving my wife.” he yelled at the doctor.

Doctor immediately started checking khushi, frightened of ASR’s wrath. The whole hospital knew that this Ruthless business tychoon’s wife was struggling for her life last night and he was a raging bull ready to attack whoever came in his way.

All the doctors knew about the threat he gave to the other doctor last night and everyone knew that if something happened to his wife he will surely shut this hospital down with a single snap of his finger.

“What happen to her..?? Why is she not responding to me..??” Arnav asked when the doctor finished checking her. He kept his face straight but only he knew what he is feeling right now. He felt he may break down any minute but he cannot, not when his khushi needed him. ‘Need you’ his mind scoffed . ‘She is is in this state because of you. She doesn’t need the one who is responsible for her state.’

“Mr. Raizada as we know that your wife tried to commit suicide it shows that she is not emotionally stable. Sometimes human brain shut itself in its defense , to protect itself after an emotional breakdown. That is what happened to your wife. She had shut herself. As we always consult psychiatrist for suicide attempt cases, which also goes to Mrs. Raizada. She will have her sessions with psychiatrist daily and she will start opening up…” .With every sentence arnav’s last thread of strength was breaking. His heart was beating so fast, all he could hear was his heart’s loud thumping. “…The psychiatrist will surely do her work but family’s love , support will help her more to be normal once again. Her first session will be in the evening Mr. Raizada .” Doctor informed him.

“She will talk, doesn’t she..??” Arnav asked shakily. “Of course Mr. Raizada” Doctor smiled at him. “..but i can’t tell you in how many days . It could take weeks or months also. Now if you excuse me .”
Doctor left.

Arnav stared at khushi’s eyes , he tried hard to find life in them but he saw nothing.

His heart clenched painfully at the sight in front of him. She was continuously staring at him unblinking. He sat on the bed beside her, cupped her face in both of his palms tenderly. He stared right in her eyes and whispered softy. “Khushi.” She blinked. Arnav’s eyes filled with tears. It is the first time she blinked. All this she was staring unblinkingly at him. It was small response but at least he got her to respond, even if it was just blink of the eye.

“Please talk to me” he said softly. She didn’t respond. He realized the consequences of his actions. He was about to loose love of his life because of all the vile words he had thrown at her. “I am sorry khushi .” he chocked out the words. Her eyes got moist. Pain reflected in her eyes for a fleeting moment but she blinked and it was back to blank. “No, no no please don’t shut me , please.” He whispered , a lone tear escaped from his left eye, fell on her face, below her eye right eye trailing a wet path from her cheek down to the pillow. It was like she was crying with him.

Arnav gently wiped tear and kissed her forehead softly. She closed her eyes at his touch. Arnav noticed this and his Heart jumped with joy. She is responding. Arnav vowed that he will bring the old khushi back, no matter what.

Payal with amma and buaji entered the room. They immediately rushed towards khushi. He backed away to give them the space . He just hope if not him then surely her family will be successful in evoking some emotion in her lifeless form. Payal held khushi’s hand tightly. “Khushi , see your jiji is with you. ” But khushi was only staring at arnav.

Buaji and amma also trid to get a response from her but failed. Arnav frowned. She was not looking at her family .

She was constanly staring at him with blank eyes . Payal noticed the line of gaze of her little sister and then she knew what she has to do. Its time.

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