Chapter 10

Due to heavy dosage of medicines khushi fell asleep. Arnav felt relieved that now she will no longer stare at him unblinkingly. He was scared that she would hurt her eyes.

Arnav noticed payal many times looking at him as if she wants to talk to him. He stood up from the chair walked towards her.”Payal are you okay..??”

Payal was battling with herself . She was not able to decide of what she should do, but for her sister’s sake she took a decision. She came out of her thoughts when arnav stood in front of her.”Arnavji, i’ve to tell you something…” she couldn’t complete her sentence as the psychiatrist interrupted them.

“Mr. Raizada..” the psychiatrist called him from behind.

Arnav faced her. “Yeah..??””I am Dr. Seema mehta the psychiatrist . I will be taking your wife’s case.” she shook hands with arnav. “But before that , i have to talk to about something. Please meet me in my cabin.”

“I am coming in a second doctor.” Arnav said to her and turned around to face payal
again. ” yeah tell me payal. What is it that you want to talk me ..??”

“Arnavji can you meet me after khushi’s session with the psychiatrist is over. I have to tell you something very important and it cannot wait. Please meet me the fire exist of the hospital.” payal said in a pleading voice.

Arnav had a feeling in his heart that whatever payal is going to tell him is not good. A dread crept up in his heart that something big is going to happen. Arnav agreed to meet payal and left to meet the psychiatrist.

Arnav entered Dr.’s cabin and she asked him to take a seat.

“Mr. Raizada before i start your wife’s treatment, i want to know certain things about your wife which will help me to understand her personality and her state of mind before she tried to take her life. I have to ask you about your personal life and your wive’s relation with you ,so i request you to tell me without hesitation .”

“I understand doctor. Please go ahead.” arnav said but his hands were sweaty. What
Would he tell her about their relationship..??

“How is your wife’s personality..? Is she is reserved person..?”

Arnav laughed a little.”She and reserved. No , she has very vibrant personality. She can talk non stop. ”

“How is your married life going?”

“Dr. we …we eloped on our cousin’s wedding. Our family is still angry with us and her ..her family disowned her on our wedding day. But they accepted her again on holi and yesterday only we returned back after our stay of some days in khushi maternity home. ”

“How is her relation with her parents..?”

“They love her a lot and she loves them too. But they are not her real parents. Her parents died in an car accident when she was only 8. Only she survived the accident. From that day she is afraid of dark and fast speed of cars.”

“Is it the first time she attempted to kill herself or she has tried this before also..??”

“No..Uh yesterday she tried to kill herself by jumping off the terrace of the building Yesterday. But i saved her
and when i came home she was in the bathtub, bleeding.” Arnav closed his eyes as khushi’s image in the bathtub flashed in his mind.

“This is enough Mr. Raizada . I will call you and yours and hers family member inside during the session to see her reaction towards everyone.” The doctor left to khushi’s room for the session.

Arnav was waiting outside khushi’s room with all the family members . The doctor came outside.”Mr. Raizada please come inside.”

Arnav took a deep breath and walked inside to see her lifeless eyes again. Doctor noted how khushi’s eyes drarted towards arnav as soon as he entered and she kept on staring at him.

“Mr. Raizada you can go now and please send your family one by one.” Arnav looked at khushi for a long time before he left.

The session got over and the doctor came out. “Mr. Raizada ,it seems that you are the only one who is able to bring out some reaction from her.

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