Chapter 11

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. -Marcus Aurelius

Truth – Some people can go to any lengths to know it. Whereas some can go to any lengths to hide it. Truth for some have the power to bring back the light in their life or more appropriately bring back their life only but for some truth destroys the very foundation of their life.

Arnav Singh Raizada – the most cynical person one could ever come across. The Ruthless business tychool who thought that he can never be wrong in his judgement, be in professional or personal life. He, who never ever made mistake in life and as he thought would never make, is now facing the consequences of his worst mistake. The mistake of passing the verdict on the only love of his life, not even for once considering other possibilities. But ASR is not known for his cynical behaviour for anything.

All his actions are premised on only one fact -‘Everyone is Selfish.’ His prejudice towards middle class people, for he thought they always go after money. As the truth now staring at his face. When he the one known for his sharp brains in business world failed to see. Now his ‘Sharp Brain’ if it could be called now, is now showing him the most obvious things that he should’ve seen on that fateful night when he decided to kill his love. Her rigid stance. The pure look of disgust and loath on her face. The unreciprocated hug. The unmasked hatered in her eyes for the man standing in front of her.

The words that till now kept ringing in his ears. Their echo that he so tried to supress.
The same words that once destroyed his life one night, now changed to be spoken to save his sister’s life. He can still very clearly hear her voice but now with the hatered with which it was spoken.”If you don’t love anjaliji then why don’t you leave her.” This one sentence had always given him pain, immense pain . Had always reminded him of the
Betrayal but now he felt nothing.

All the soul slicing words that he had thrown at her to give her as much as pain he felt were now hitting on his face like tight slaps, taunting him of his foolishness, giving him the pain that she felt, tenfolds. When he uttered those vile words he didn’t know that not only he was hurting her but himself also. He realised it late, too late.

Arnav walked through the corridor in a trance. He didn’t realise when he left from the fire exit. His feet was dragging him where? He don’t know because all he could see or hear was her—Khushi. Everything flashed in front of his eyes.

Khushi socked in blood…

“I will not come in between you and lavanyaji…”

“I know about you and shyam…”

“Having an affair with my ji-ja-ji…”

“That you don’t have a character…”

“You deserve this pain…”

“We are stranger within these four walls…”

“I married you because i hate you…”

“I want to see you suffer…”

“Marry me for six months or i’ll break your sister’s marriage…”

“Six months marriage then you’ll be free…”

“If you don’t love anjaliji then why don’t you leave her…”

Khushi in shyam’s embrace…

Arnav jolted back to the present. He stared at the door in front of him. As he slowly opened the door and saw the innocent girl whose life he destroyed, the girl he love, the girl whom he broke into pieces. He was oblivious to his surroundings, to his family members who were staring at him with concern in their eyes.

Slowly he walked ahead and stood next to her bed. Till now not a single tear fell from his eyes but as her face , a lone tear escaped from his left eye then from the right eye and now there was no stopping.

Khushi opened her eyes as she felt wetness on her neck. She saw arnav staring her and crying. Immense pain reflected in his eyes but she felt nothing.

Arnav saw her open her eyes . She stared at him with same blank eyes and at the moment he Died some more. He felt knife twist in his heart seeing her like this. He gathered her in his arms, his head in the crook of her neck and then he broke. Sobs wrecked through him. He cried, he wailed. He was trembling.

If the raizadas and guptas thought that they saw arnav breaking down then they were surely wrong. As they heard gut wrenching wails and sobs, they opened the door and what they shook them. Arnav who didn’t shed a single tear when his parents died, when his chacha threw him and his sister on streets, is now sobbing uncontrollably holding his wife in his arms.

Anjali staggered back as if something hit her. N.K blocked the door when they tried to entre the room.

“Nk bhai get aside.” Akash for the first time didn’t know how to control his anger.

Nk shook his head.”Not akash. Let him be. Let him pour out his heart. Its not our place to be. Di please trust me on this.” He looked at akash”Akash please.”

Akash clenched his fist in anger and turned back towards him.
Nk closed his eyes not able to hear arnav’s cries that was increasing minute by minute. He never thought he have to see nannav like this.

Arnav lifted his head and looked at khushi . His body still shaking .”I..i..i am so..sor..sorry k..khush..khushi. s..s..sorry.” He kept mumbling brokenly. His throat chocked.”p..please…p..please for..forgive me khushi. I am so so..sorry. ” Tears kept flowing from his eyes.

He saw realisation in her eyes but she said nothing ,stayed numb , uneffected from his tears , from his pleas.”Please ..please i am sorry..please hit me , shout at me but please don’t sh..shut yourself.” he pleaded, his eyes red and tormanted, his face drenched in tears. He saw her close her eyes. Peace settled in her eyes . He felt someone was snatching his soul, he saw her drifting away from him.”Khushi..khushi please i am sorry..don’t close your eyes khushi..forgive me please.” But she was now sleeping peacefully knowing she was not a criminal in the eyes of her love.”please..please give me ch..chance please.” he whisphered hoarsely. Darkness engulfed him and he fell on top of her.

Nk’s eyes flew open when he heard arnav’s apology. His shocked eyes met with others which held the same look as his. Akash and anjali tried to enter but Nk stood like a wall. Akash lost his cool ,grabbing nk’s collar he spoke in low dangerouse voice which was associated with arnav till now.”Move Nk.” Nk didn’t budge.”No akash.”

“Nk bhai..”akash began.”leave them alone akash.” Nk said. Akash shook Nk. “Bhai is breaking down Nk. Why don’t you understand.” akash yelled.

Before Nk could say something the cries and apologies stilled and all was left was silence.

Nk’s eyes widen in horror as well akash’s .

NK turned and saw arnav on top of khushi-unconcious.”Call the doctor akash immediately.” shouted Nk as he ran towards them. Akash rushed out to call the doctor . NK with the help of anjali lifted arnav from khushi.

The came and checked arnav who kept
mumbling khushi’s name. “What happened to him doctor.??” Nk asked while akash glared at him.”His sugar level is low as he didn’t have anything from last and due to stress his B.P is high. There is nothing to worry about . He will wake up in 2-3 hours.” the doctor left.

Akash pounced on Nk as soon as the doctor left.”All of this happened because of you.” he yelled. Pushing him lighty nk calmly said.”I did what was right akash.”

Before akash could do something and situation could get out of control anjali intervened.”Stop it both of you. Why is it happening devi mayiya.”

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