Chapter 12

Anjali stared at arnav’s face. He looked so restless and old due to the lines of tension on his face. She was afraid of his reaction when he would wake up . His cries…she could never forget his heart wrenching cries. It will always resound in her ears for eternity.

She ran her fingers through his hairs soothingly like she used to do when they were small. When he used to come home from his part time job after the college which he had done to collect money for his admission in harvard . He didn’t want to be a burden on mama and mami more than they already were. This was his daily routine first college than job and at night study . No time for rest. She had always found him asleep on his study table ,his head on his open book and pen in his hand. He barely got any sleep those days not that anything have changed now. Earlier it was studies and now it is work.

She placed a kiss on his forehead before she stood up and walked out of the room. She dialled shyam’s no. not taking her eyes of
from Arnav’s sleeping form.

“Hello shyamji. Where are you..?”

“Rani sahiba i am out town for some urgent work. I am sorry i am not there with you all at this time.”

“ shyamji . Its ok.”

“Uh rani sahiba how is khushiji?”

“She is okay shyamji.” She quickly cut the call when she saw arnav getting out of the bed. She ran inside the room to stop him from taking off the IV from his wrist. She held his wrist stopping him.

Arnav jerked her hand, pulled out the IV needle and started walking out of the room. He was again stopped by anjali. “Chote stop you are not okay. You should rest.”

“Di leave me. I have to be with khushi. I have to apologise to her.” He said with his back towards anjali. Anjali turned him and her breath hitched as she saw the amount of pain and guilt his eyes held. She held his face in her palm and asked”Why you’ve to apologise to her..?? What have you done..??” Ignoring her question he pulled down her hands from his face and said” I have to go to khushi. Don’t stop me.” His eyes they were not looking at her. He only wanted to be with khushi. When he walked towards the door of the room anjali didn’t stop him. She couldn’t. It felt like he would die if he is not with khushi.

Arnav sat on the chair next to khushi’s bed. He just stared at her face. His heart always knew that khushi was innocent but it was always his mind who won the battle against his heart thus he defeated himself. She was not even aware of the reason behind their marriage and she took all his hurtful words but when he told her reason she decided to kill herself. He was the reason behind all her pains and sufferings. Would he able to live knowing he was the one to push khushi to take her life..?? No. He is able to take breath because she is breathing. Every beat of his is the prove that her heart is beating. He have to live like this, dying every second of the day. He will bring back her happiness to her. No one is more important to him than khushi.

He didn’t realise when his eyes starts Drooping and he fell asleep. His upper half of the body beside khushi, his head on her shoulder. Nk stood at the door of the room supporting anjali as she looked at her broken brother.

As arnav woke he saw that he was sleeping on khushi’s shoulder. He tilted her head up and saw khushi looking at him with same blank eyes.

He ignored the pain in his heart and sat up straight. He smoothen her hair back.”I am sorry. Is your shoulder sore..??” he asked looking her shoulder. No response.

The doctor walked in for morning daily cheack up. He was suprised to see arnav there. “Mr. Raizada what are you doing here..?? Yesterday yor fainted due to low sugar level and now you should be resting.”

As doctor spoke about his low sugar , arnav saw a flicker of emotion in her blank eyes. He knew very well what it was. It was concern for his health. She had always been concerned for him even when he was a monster with her ,always hurting her. She had taken care of him once staying awake all night.

“Now i am fine doctor. You check khushi.” he said.

“When can i take her home doctor..??” he asked as doctor finished the check up.

“You can take her home right now. She is physically fine now . But you have bring her here for her daily sessions with psychiatrist.”

“You prepare the discharge papers doctor. I am taking her home today only.” arnav replied looking at khushi to see her reaction but he found none.

“Okay Mr. Raizada.” the doctor left.

Arnav extended his hand towards her. When she just stared at him he said.”Take my hand khushi and sit up. You must be thirsty. You should drink water.” She didn’t move. Arnav beside her and slipped his left hand around her back and right hand round her neck and he pulled her up. He hugged her tight before leaning back and grabbing the glass of water from side table and brought it to her lips.”Drink” he said softly tilting the glass up. She parted her lips and drank slowly, staring at him. Placing the glass back to the table he wiped the Water droplets from her lips with the pad of his thumb.

It was involuntory but the reaction he got made his heart jump and race. Her breath hitched the second his thumb touched her lips and she tighten her hold on his arms. But he didn’t show that he noticed it less she withdrown herself back into the shell even more than before.

He kissed her forehead before laying her back on the bed gently and said.”We’ll be going home today.” He move out to sign discharge papers.

When he returned back anjali was sitting next to her. Khushi was again sleeping due to high dosage of medicine. “Di” he whispered. Anjali looked at arnav.”I’ve signed the discharge papers. We can take khushi home now.”

Anjali looked at khushi then arnav.”But chote she is sleeping. Let her wake up first.”

“Its ok di. I’ll carry her to the car.” he said and anjali nodded reluctantly. Arnav genly lifted her up in her arms taking care not to disturb her sleep. He stilled when she snuggled up in his arms and grabbed his Shirt. All the times she had done the same flashed in front of his eyes. He took a deep breath to steady his emotions and pulled her closer.

Anyone who saw him carrying his wife in his arms awed at the love of the couple. But they were not aware that he is only reason behind the present condition of the his wife.

Akash was already standing next to car when they reached parking lot. Akash opened the back door and arnav gently placed her on the seat and sat taking her head in her lap.”Akash drive slow.”he said. “Yes bhai.” akash replied.

They reached shantivan after a long time. Arnav entered the house with khushi in his arms. The first time brought her like this , his heart was filled hatred. But now he feels only love towards her.

He entered his room with khushi and all the memories of that night came to him making him dizzy for a moment. He gently laid her on the bed and sat on the recliner. She could be wake up any moment and might get scared due to change in surrounding , so he sat in the room waiting for her to wake up.

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