Chapter 13

All the raizadas were sitting in living room in silence. All of them immersed in the thoughts of the recent happenings in this house. In a matter of seconds their world turned upside down and no one except payal didn’t any idea of what could have happened between the elder son and daughter in law of this house that they have see a ever lively khushi taking her life and a ever strong pillar of strength of this house collapsing in front of them, breaking into million pieces in front of his wife. One question was on everybody’s mind.”What happened between them that leads to this destruction..??” and no one dared to ask that but devyani raizada was not one to remain silent and see her house collapsing in front of her eyes.

Nani took a deep breath and broke the silence.”Anjali bitiya you want to ask chote or you want to do it yourself. No, i cannot wait any longer. I have to know what is happening in this house.”

“Nani please wait…”anjali started to say but nani cut her off.

“No, just tell me if you can’t do it then i’ll ask him.”Nani said sternly.

Nk was not at all feeling good about this. He had always been close to arnav in a different way. Arnav always used to get irritated at the sight of him but deep down he had always liked Nk. He also liked Nk to call him nannav but others couldn’t see it. They have always had a special connection between them since childhood and Nk know for sure that this is not the right time or they’ll see the worst of arnav.

Nk kneeled down in front of nani ,taking her hands in his he spoke softly.”Naniji please don’t mind what i am going to say now but just hear me once. I know that we all want to know the cause behind all this and nannav is only one who can give the answers to us but i think it is not the right time for us to ask him all these questions.”

“Nk bhai do you what are you saying.” spoke akash. Nk didn’t replied to him but kept looking at nani.

“Let him speak akash.” said nani and akash clenched his fist in anger.

“Nannav is broken and very vulnerable at this time nani. We have all seen him breaking down in hospital and how much he loves khushiji. Please give him time to pick himself up and to take care of khushiji because we all know at this time they both need each other the most. Please nani it is request from me, don’t ask anything from him for now . I am sure he himself will tell us everything but at the right time.” Nk continued.

Nani didn’t speak for a moment then after a thought nodded her head in agreement and said.”We, for now will only concentrate on khushi bitiya’s health.”

“Thank you nani.” Nk said with a smile. Nani placed her hand on his cheek and said with small smile on her face.”You care for your nannav too much ,don’t you..??”. Nk just smiled at that.

Arnav was in his thoughts that he didn’t notice when Nk sat next to him on the recliner. Nk didn’t say anything he just sat with him in silence but the silence broke when anjali came with the plate of food for arnav.
“Chote eat something.”

“I am not hungry di.”arnav said quietly.

“But you ..” anjali was about to say something when Nk took the plate from her and said.”You go di. Don’t stress yourself in this condition. He will eat di, i assure you.” Anjali nodded and glancing towards arnav and khushi she turned around and left. Nk held the plate in front of arnav.

“Nk i said…”

“I know but do you want khushiji to stress herself thinking about your health..? Or do you want to faint in front of her again..?” this silenced arnav.”If you don’t take care of yourself then how are you gonna take care of her..??”

Arnav quietly took the plate and started eating slowly. Nk sat with him till he finished the food. Once he ate Nk was about to leave when he was stopped by arnav’s words. “You don’t want to ask me anything Nk..??” Nk turned to see arnav standing near the poolside door staring ahead. Nk walked towards him and stood next to him looking ahead.

“No nannav, i don’t have anything to ask.
I believe you will tell everyone when the time is right.” Arnav looked at him in surprise. Nk chuckled looking at his reaction.”Don’t be so surprised nannav. I know you more than you think. I know that you are needed more with khushiji and everyone’s questions can wait.”

Arnav said looking at khushi.”and if i tell you that i am the cause of this, that its because of me she is here like this.”he said in low voice.

“Then be the reason for her happiness, be thd one to erase her pain also nannav.
You are the only one who can do it.” Nk said firmly looking straight in his eyes. Nk hugged him and said “Don’t think too much nannav, just take care of khushiji.”

“Thanks Nk.” arnav said breaking the hug.
He was thanking him not for this only but for all the support he gave arnav in hospital and Nk knew it.

“Wow!! Arnav Singh Raizada thanking ME!! Am i dreaming..?? You don’t look good like this nannav. Your khadoos behaviour suits you.” Nk said grinning at him.

Arnav felt himself smile ,
felt light after so many days. “Shut up Nk.” arnav said in his ASR voice but the smile was intact on his face.

NK smiled at him.”Thats better.” saying this he turned around and left from the room.

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