Chapter 14

Akash was not able to brush away the feeling of unease he was feeling inside him from the time he witnessed the break down of his rock solid brother and most of all hearing him apologise -the one who never uttered the word ‘sorry’ ever in his life not even to his di-who WAS his life- quite literally, kept apologising to his wife again and again until he didn’t have the strength to. At last the emotional stress of the two most horrifying days of his life drained every bit of energy from his body which led him collapsing on top of his wife. Even in his unconcious state his mind was only focused on his wife. He kept murmuring her name like a prayer until the medicines kicked into his system calming his stressed nerves. It was that moment that akash realised that khushi had weaved the path leading straight to his brother’s heart and very slowly and surely had made her place in his heart and now she has become his life line, the oxygen necessary for his brother to breath. Di no longer held the place of most important person in his brother’s life, the place had been taken by khushi-unknown to her, unknown to bhai , unknown to Di.

Akash tried and tried very hard to not to think more on his brother’s words accusing himself for the state of his wife. Bhai was saying all this because he was emotionally disturbed. Akash had said to himself but the gut wrenching cries and apologies heard showed the truth which he was so trying to turn away from. Even before he witnessed the breakdown of his brother, the uneasiness he was feeling had only increased when saw payal’s face as she looked at arnav with apprehension, her face white as paper.

He was not able to decipher the emotions reflecting on her face and then he had no time for it also as they all heard arnav’s cries.

Akash was not ready to believe what his was telling him again and again that his wife and knew for sure the reason of all this, knew what happened between bhai and khushi that led to this horrific incident.
He ignored his mind when he saw payal mutely sitting in living when she should be with her sister, he again ignored when she continued to sit in silence even when when dadi asked di to talk to bhai. This all indicated to only one thing -payal knew.

Akash knew that he will not be able to face the blow of that not if payal would be the one to tell him because he had the feeling that this particular truth will change all the relations in this house. He badly wanted to help his bhai if Nk for once stop protecting arnav like we are all his enemy.

Akash was not able to think straight. Is it because of the fear of the unknown truth that was eating him from inside,neither he want to know it nor he want to dwell upon it.

Payal had followed akash as soon as he left to their room. His face was reflecting the inner turmoil he was going through. So she decided that she would tell him exactly what she had revealed to arnav. She knew it will very dangerous to keep it a secret. It had already
damaged her sister to an great extent. She shuddered as the flashes of arnav’s cries and apologies to her sister came in front of her. She knew he was apologising for not keeping khushi from that monster, to not able to protect her but she have no idea how akash would react when she will reveal everything to him that her whole family had kept from them.

“Akash..”payal spoke softly.

“No” he cut in before she could say anything.”Don’t. Do not try to tell me anything.”

“but akash let me..” she tried again.

“I said don’t. I know you aware of the cause of all this but no , i don’t want to know anything, not from you atleast. Bhai he…as Nk said bhai will himself tell everyone everything at right time. Payal i don’t feel ashamed to accept that i wouldn’t be able handle the truth. I am not bhai payal. He had faced every thing in life and become what he is now and even he is broken now. I have lived a perfect life payal , i haven’t lost my mother at the age of 14 , i do not hate my
my father because he was my mother’s murderer,he didn’t pushed my mother to take her life because he had a mistress and had no. of affairs, i have not stayed on street without food and clothes, i have not faced these things in life payal ,bhai has. He stood as a strength of pillar for di when fate snatched his mother from him whom he loved immensely, when he started hating himself because his father’s blood was running in his veins, when he was thrown on the street by his chacha , the boy who was the prince of sheesh mahal was on streets with his sister. He didn’t broke, he face them because he was and is strong but i am NOT payal..I am NOT bhai. So don’t payal…do not try to tell me ANYTHING.

Payal stared at her husband in shock. He never told her about this. She was stunned to react. How much this house have faced and now what will happen when they will get another blow…another betrayal of son-in-law of this house. She looked at her husband who sat clutching his head in his hands. She hugged him tightly , ran her hands on his back to calm him.

“Shh..shh akashji . I will not tell you anything. Please calm down.”she murmured tears flowing down her cheeks. She would tell akash when he himself will ask her not before that. She was relieved atleast that arnav knew the truth.

Arnav was running his fingers through her hairs as he sat beside khushi on the bed. He had called the doctor sometime back when he started to worry as she was still sleeping but the doctor reassured him that nothing is wrong and its normal for her to sleep for so long as she was weak due to so much blood lose.

Now he was trying to wake her up gently. She need to eat something and have her medicines.”Khushi” he said softly. She stirred a little and opened eyes very slowly. He saw her taking in her sorroundings. First she was confused then she realised where she was and then the next second her eyes darted towards the bathroom door.

Arnav look at khushi then the bathroom door alarmed.
“f**k” he cursed himself for not thinking about the effect of this room on her mental state. He cupped her face and made her look at him. His heart stopped beating as he looked at her complete vacant eyes. She was reliving that night again and was drifting more away from him.”No no no…khushi look at me. Don’t think about that just look at me.”he said urgently but it didn’t work.”Dammit” he thought. He quickly swooped her up in his arms and walked out roon down to the living room and gently placed her on the couch then yelled out for HP. Everyone came hearing his shout. Nk was the first one to reach and he stopped as he saw khushi on the couch. He looked at arnav questioningly but the next second he was in from of him concerned as he saw arnav’s terrorised eyes.”Wha..what nannav what happened.” Arnav didn’t answer him.

“Hp prepare the guest room now.” he ordered and hp rushed out to do as said.

“Come with me nannav” Nk said grabbing his arm. Arnav looked back at khushi worried.
“Di please stay with khushiji till come back.” Nk said as he saw arnav was not ready leave khushi. He dragged arnav away from the living room and asked.”What happened nannav. Why you are so worried suddenly and guest room..??”

“Dammit. Nk how can i take her in that room where she.. “he couldn’t complete his sentence. Nk was shocked no one thought about that.”Shit. Nannav what was her reaction..?? She was not hysterical, did she..?? Did she try to harm herself..??”

Arnav looked at him”Worse than that Nk . She kept looking at the bathroom. She was reliving that night. f**k” he ran his hand through his hair.”Why didn’t i thought of it before.”

Nk held his shoulders.”Nannav you need to be relaxed. You will stay in the guest room and nothing wrong will happen ok..??” Arnav took a deep breath and nodded.”I just don’t know how could i…how could ignored that.”

“Don’t worry nannav. Go to her. Go.” Nk said.

Somewhere in lucknow Shyam Manohar Jha was planing to destroy Arnav Singh
Raizada once and for all.

“Do everything according to the plan and if anything goes wrong then i’ll finish you myself.” shyam warned as he gave packet of money to the man.

The man grinned.”You don’t worry sir. Your work will be done.”

“Do not act before i tell you.” shyam warned him once again.”wait for my orders.”

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