Chapter 15

“Akash mere bhai” akash heard Nk and looked up from the file in his hand to Nk standing at the door smiling his charming smile. Akash gestured him to enter.

Nk sat next to him and blabbered about anything and everything in the world and he gave an occasional hmm’s and nods. Akash sensed the change in the tone of his voice and knew that he will spit out the real thing.

“Akash..” Nk started in serious voice. Akash looked at him to let him know that he had his attention.”Sorry if i’ve offended you in anyway. I know and i understand that you were worried about nannav but you should also understand that leaving khushiji and nannav alone was the right thing to do. Not only you and di but i was also shocked seeing nannav like that but whatever was the cause that forced khushiji to take this step was between them they need to sought it out together without our interreption.”

“The cause will blow this very house Nk bhai. Its does not only Include bhai and khushiji but the whole family.”

Akash said a haunted look stelled in his eyes with fear of awaiting storm.

“What..?? Akash you know reason. Had nannav told you..??”Nk shocked with the information asked.

“No nk bhai i don’t know but what i do know is that the concequences of the revealation will be disastrous. But nk bhai i understand what you are trying to say and in the hospital and also today you did the right thing. Bhai and khushiji needs to be left alone but we will always be there for them whenever they’ll need us.” akash told nk with a smile.

“I don’t what will be the outcomes akash but i will always support nannav.”after a pause” So are we good akash..??” Nk asked.

Draping his arm over nk’s shoulder akash replied”As good as we could get.”

Arnav sat behind khushi on the bed as he ran the comb through the silky,soft,black curtains of hair. This was one of the many things which had made him lost in her beauty when she immerged wearing the red sari not the short dress he ordered her to wear on the calender
shoot. Her hair flying around her beautiful face’ it was the first time he saw her hair open’ the black curtain flowed till her waist, straight silky and simple just like her.

He started talking with a hope to have her react just a little.”Khushi you know di used to make ponytails of my hair when we were small.” he smiled at those childhood memories.”One day her doll broke which she used to dress up and make her hairs and all so she replaced her with me and made two ponytails on my head with whatever length of hair i had and i didn’t resist her as i was very small to understand what was happening with me but ma had clicked a picture of me in that state and di used to tease me with that snap but i teased her back that she does not even know how to make ponytails.” arnav let out a small chuckel remebering their silly fights.”and you know she challenged me if i could make better than her and i accepted it immediately and pleated her hairs. Fortunately it came out good.

After that she always used to ask me to do her hair.” He had pleated khushi’s hair in one braid. Draping the braid over her shoulder on the front he asked his voice laced with hope to hear her voice.”So tell me how is it..??”


She sat still staring ahead not even glancing at her braid. His heart broke all over all over again but not his resolve to bring her oldself back. He will not give up. Its not even an option.

He gently laid her on the bed and caressed her hair till he she slept. As she started breathing deeply he leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead.”I am sorry” he murmered. He got off the bed and strode to the couch and slept on it facing khushi.

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