Chapter 16

Many days flew by with arnav taking care of khushi all the time. He was determined to bring khushi out of the shell, out of the darkness that was not allowing her see the people who care about her,who loves her , who are in pain watching her like this. It hurts’ it hurts so much to see her like this. It have been so many days since he heard her voice, heard her calling his name. Arnavji…she is the first person who had ever called him this. He was ASR in business world, chote for di ,nani and mami ,bhai for akash but he was never anyones arnavji. Khushi is first to call him this and he will always be her arnavji..always hers and he is dying to hear his name in her melodious voice.

Nani and anjali were feeling different emotions. They were worried about khushi but at the same time they were surprised and happy to see their arrogant chote taking care of khushi with so much sincerity, watching his determination to bring back his wife. Atlast their chote fell in love and is not scared to
show his feelings, to bare his heart. He found his home, he found his love, found his soulmate. They were also scared thinking of the reason behind khushi trying to take her life. They all knew that something had happened between arnav and khushi during their stay at gupta house but could it be so worse that khush found its solution in ending her life..?? They just hope that their khushi comes back to them very soon.

Arnav stood in his bathroom in front of mirror and looked at himself. He couldn’t even recognise the person in front him. He had grown beard on his face, dark patches below his eyes were clearly visible, he looked years older and he was a complete mess.

He nowhere nearly looked arnav singh raizada. He is arnav, a husband in pain, who is burning in the fire lit by his own hands, who wants to seek forgiveness, who want to repent, who want to show love of his life what she meant to him.

Arnav started shaving his beard mechanically, lost in thoughts of his wife.
He suddenly hissed in pain as the blade cut his skin and blood started oozing out of the cut. He rammaged through the cabinate but couldn’t find the first aid box. ‘HP must have forgot to put it her’ he thought. Deciding to get it from di he hurried out of the bathroom yelling for his di momentorily forgetting about khushi sleeping on the bed. As he realised what he had done he turned to look at khushi who staring at him. It was nothing new as she would only stare at him but this he caught something in her usually blank eyes. She was staring at a particular place on his face. ‘but she always stare into my eyes.’ he thought counfusedly. Lifting his hand to the cheek she was staring at he placed his hand on the cut and hissed in pain and saw her moving her fingers and her browes furrowed not able to see his pain. It was then he realised that she had been staring at the cut.

“Chote” anjali called him as she walked in the room saw arnav staring at khushi.”chote what happened..??”

She asked hurriedly.

“Nothing di. I just need first aid box.”he said not taking his away from khushi.

Anjali saw the cut on his cheek.”HP please bring the first aid box.”

Hp brought the first aid box. Taking it anjali made arnav to sit on the recliner and began applying the anticeptic on the cut. Arnav stared at khushi all this time and saw her pained expression whenever he hissed in pain, saw her moving her fingers. He couldn’t believe she was showing emotions.

Her eyes were not blank there was concern in them for him.

Anjali left after applying the anticeptic on his cut telling him to be careful. Arnav behaved as if he didn’t notice her movements as he couldn’t take the risk of her getting back to the shell. He stoop up taking the first aid box in his hand turned around when he heard it.

He froze.

His heart stopped beating then jumped up started beating dangerously fast.

He couldn’t believe what he heard.

Was he imagining it?

But it was there. He heard it no matter how much
Feeble the sound was. He knew her voice. He had craved for it to hear.


Yes it was her voice. She called him. She said his name. He was sure of it.

Slowly turning around he prayed that it should not be his imagination. He saw her eyes and knew he was not imagining. In a second he was next to her holding her face in his hand.

“Khushi..please talk to me. I know you said my name. Please say something. Anything.”he requested her his eyes moist.”Please khushi..your silence is killing me khushi. “he pleaded to her desperately.

She said nothing just continue to stare at his cut. He held her hand and placed it on his cheek. He felt it. Her finger moved lightly around his cut. He closed his eyes feeling her touch.

Opening his eyes and looking at her he shook his head slighty.”Its not paining.” placing her palm above his heart he whispered.”It is. Its hurting a lot.”

For the first time she looked away from him. He felt her hand move back . Placing a kiss on her palm he placed
it on the bed.”I will bring you out of this shell no matter what and its my promise to you khushi.” He moved towards the bathroom to freshen up. With renewed strength to bring back his love to him ,he had many things to do.

Arnav walked downstairs when he heard that voice and fury like he felt never before filled his entire being. There he was shayam manohar jha sat on the dining table with his family enjoying everyone fussing over him. Arnav stood at the bottom step jaw clenched, eyes red with fury ,his whole body stiff .

Nk saw him and said.”Nannav come here. Take the plate i had put all the food according to khushiji’s diet.”

Shyam looked at him and smiled his sickening sweet smile.”Saale sahab. How are you and how is khushiji..??”

Arnav took the plate from NK turned around saying “I am fine ” and walked upstairs lest he kill him then and there.

Shyam smirked inwardly and next moment asked with fake concern.”Is saale sahab alright. Rani sahiba..?” he turned to look at anjali.

Nani answered him.”Damadji he is just tensed about khushi bitiya thats all.”

“I understand nani. I am also worried about khushiji.. I mean we all are.” shyam said symphatheticaly.

Everybody got busy with their food. Nobody noticed arnav glaring at shyam with murderous rage , him holding the plate in a death grip, nobody noticed anjali’s strange behaviour, how she was not pampering her husband who returned after so many days as she would have done usually , the far away look in her eyes, nobody noticed…except Nk. Nobody noticed payal murdering her food, as she stopped breathing when arnav came, the tightening of the grip of her hand on the fork till her knuckles turned white whenever shyam spoke of khushi, not noticed her shallow breathing to control her anger, nobody noticed… except akash.

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