Chapter 18

It was time for the truth to come out of the depths of lies which were woven by the shrewd Arnav Singh Raizada. Those lies were spoken by ASR but the man that stood in front of NK ,ready to admit his crimes was not ASR . He was his younger brother arnav who was hidden behind the facade of the brutal, heartless, cruel ASR. Now time for revealations arrived. There no backing out.

They both stood staring into eacth others eyes aware of each others thoughts. Nk broke the silence that settled around them.”Why..??” Nk questioned him in a very low quite voice.

“I saw them on the terrace.” arnav answered for the first time not trying to hide the guilt he was feeling.

“It doesn’t prove any..”

“He held her in his arms confessing his love for her.” arnav cut him off.

“Then why didn’t you confronted her or him or even tell everything to di..??” Nk asked through clenched teeth.

“I confronted him. He confessed to me that they love each other and di was only between them. I was going to tell everthing to di but couldn’t.” arnav looked up to NK from the pool .”She told me she was pregnant.”

Nk’s eyes widen slight as the thought stuck him”When you saw them together..??”

“14th feb. Akash and payal’s marriage night.” arnav looked away as he saw Nk’s accusing eyes.

Nk never felt this angry in his life. He now knew the reason behind their hasty marriage. He had doubts but it was all now confimed.”You mean on your marriage day. So you confronted her on that night and–”

Arnav shook his head” No i never confronted her that night. I blackmailed her in marrying me.”

“How..??” His voice came strained due to supressing his anger.

“I threatned her to break payal akash’s marriage .” arnav couldn’t look in his eyes.

“and…???” he stressed.


Nk’s control snapped, he pushed arnav back against the wall ,grabbing his collar, his face few inches away from him.”You, Arnav Singh Raizada better speak or i don’t know what i’ll do.”

Arnav did nothing. He knew he was at fault and deserve every bit of this.”I forced her to marry me for six months.” arnav felt sharp pain in his jaw. He looked up to see seething NK who had punched him.

Nk pulled him from collar and hissed “Six months..?? Six months contract marriage and doesn’t even know the reason behind your pathetic contract…w. ..wait…wait a minute.”Nk stilled all of a sudden as a thought struck his mind.”Don’t tell me arnav that you told her everything on that day…??”

When arnav stood silently he was beyond furious.”IS. THAT. WHY. SHE .TRIED. TO TAKE. HER .LIFE.” He asked, punchuated each word.

“Yes.”After what seemed like eternity arnav replied looking into Nk’s eyes with moist eyes.

With a jerk Nk pushed him back and took several steps away from him, looking at arnav with disgust ,hurt and disappointment.”Today you proved me wrong Arnav and those people right. They were right, you are a heartless bas***d. How foolish was i to think that you loved her.”

“I love her Nk , i always have.” arnav said in pained voice.

“You love her..?? This is your love..?” he said pointing towards his room where khushi was.

“I am not justifying my actions Nk, but that night i followed her to the terrace to confess to her that i love her and believe or not i have loved her from a very long time.”arnav tried make him believe that he love her.

Nk laughed humourlessly.”Oh that what was i thought when i came here arnav, otherwise what you think why i have flirted with her.” Seeing arnav shocked faced he explained.”To make you jealous so that you realise what you feel about her, that you love her because i was sure that your thick head would never let you believe what your heart felt. But i was wrong. You never loved her, if you have then she would not be here like this.”

Arnav felt himself drowing the river of guilt. He felt suffocated.”Nk atleast you understand me. I feel suffocated that i have done to her , to the girl i love. Please let me pour it out of me ,i am not able to breath NK every time i
see her like this.”arnav said brokenly

Nk eyes soften slighty looking at his broken state.”Tell me why you never asked her about it..??” Nk asked stiffly.

“After di’s accident i was very much shaken from inside. She is the only one who was always with me. The thought of loosing her scared the hell out of me. Then what i heard from khushi on the terrace shattered my heart.”

“What she said..??” Nk asked

“She asked shyam to leave di if he didn’t love her and after that shyam confirmed my suspicion that they are having affair. I was affraid if di because of shyam’s betrayal would do something drastic, that she will also leave me…like ma.”

Arnav eyes said it all ,the helpness he would have felt that moment.”But i didn’t realise that khushi was trying to protect di when she asked him to leave di.”

Nk stood in front of arnav, looking straight into his eyes said.”Your bas***d father was the reason behind the distruction that happened 14 year before and now also because of him you are
like this, because of him you don’t trust anyone but do you realise that you have become just like the father whom you hate so much, that you like your father ,could have become the murderer of your wife, that like you like your bloody father have driven your wife to take her life.” Nk yelled at him.

Arnav pushed him not able to listen to him anymore.”STOP!!” he yelled “I am anything but my fath..that man. I can never be like him. Do you understand Nandkishore Malhotra.” he said through clenched teeth , eyes red with rage.

Nk took a step towards him”It dosen’t seem like this to me. Everthing you have done to that girl proves that you are every bit of what your father was.” He took a deep breath to calm himself.”Prove to me that your not your father, that you are not Arnav Malik but Arnav Singh Raizada.” he took another step towards him.”and mind you Arnav Malik that the day you married her she became my sister and who better than you could know the protectiveness of a brother towards his sister. ” He warned arnav.

“She is my wife Nk and i will prove to you that i love her and i am NOT Arnav Malik , I am not Suraj Malik. ” His eyes shone with determination and love for his khushi.

“You better be and i hope so Arnav…i hope so.” Nk left from there.

Neither of them noticed the shadow lurking on the terrace stairs above them.

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