Chapter 19

The sound of the raindrops Pelting down on the glass of french windows was the only sound in the room. Once this silence was what arnav have wanted, have always asked for. But as he looked at khushi, he just only want to hear her voice that has the power to calm his nerves instantly. His heart ached to see her chattering away without any worry like she always have done before.


This word sent a shot of mind numbing pain in his heart. He closed his eyes as he leaned his head back against the head board of the bed. Please come back to me khushi. His heart pleaded silently.

The next second his eyes flew open. Not daring to move an inch. He stayed as still as he could before very slowly he turned his head to look at his hand which have been captured by her in sleep. His eyes travelled upwards to look at her face. Her eyes closed, a serene calm look setteled on her face as she slept peacefully.

Arnav released the breath which he was holding unknowingly until he saw that she was
Sleeping. He so badly had hoped that she held his hand knowingly, although he knew that cannot happen. Why would she do that..?? When she had not even an inch all the time she has been awake. But his heart had thuded madly and had hoped silently.

He gently held her hand in his, reassuring himself for the nth time that she is alive, that she is safe. He sat staring at her face for a long. Tracing her every feature with his eyes, but he stopped as he noticed the obvious thing which he should have know all this time. He knew what he have to do when she would wake up.

He closed his eyes again and listened to the pelting of the rain on the glass. Its sound lessening the ever present pain in his heart. Gradualy it the rain changed into light drizzle and finally stopped, with it the pain in his hear resurfaced.

NK’s words rang in his mind.
‘Prove to me that you are not arnav malik…’ ,causing him to tighten his hold on her hand. She stirred slighty making him to look at her. He saw her Open her eyes slowly and look directly in their entwined hands. Her gaze lifted up to his and he stared right back at her. His saw her eyes, they were not blank. She had come out of her shell a little and this was enough to make his heart beat in a dangerous speed as a wave of relief flushed through him. She is still there. He had not lost her.

He lifted his other hand and placed it on her cheek. Grazing her cheek with his thumb he smiled softly at her and asked.”Had a nice sleep..??” He sighed at not getting an answer.

Wounding her arms around his neck, he gently lifted her in his arms and stepped out of the bed. Entering the poolside, he gently placed her on the chair. Rain has stopped but cold winds were still blowing. He saw her shudder as the cold breeze touched her skin. “I’ll come back in a minute.” he said before disappering inside the room.

He came back with a shawl. He wrapped it around her to save her from the cold before he kneeled down in front of her on one leg.

He very well know it has happened before also and she will also remember that and the pain that he gave her that night ,but he had to do it , for her. He placed her left leg on his knee before he pulled out one payal…her mother’s payal from his pocket. He remembered di handling them to him in a plastic bag yesterday night.

It was removed from her in the hospital. Before leaving, di had informed him that they are stained in blood and she as much as tried to wash them, she was not able to , she didn’t have the strength.

He washed them carefully with a aching heart, with water mixed with his tears. Her mother’s payal was stained with her blood. He felt sick with himself. She was not able bear to see a small cut on him and he ,the heartless person he was ,had been the reason for her to drain out her blood to death.
He felt her leg getting stiff. He gently clapsed the payal around her ankle. Placing her leg back on the ground ,he lifted her right leg and placed on his knee before
Clapsing the other payal around her ankle, all the while keeping his eyes lower.

Bending forward he rested his forhead against her knee, willing his racing heart to slow down. He didn’t know what would he see when he’ll look at her eyes but before that he have to tell her something.

“You have asked me before that why i had kept your payal with me.” he started quietly.”but i didn’t gave you the answer. Khushi i had your payal with me not only on that night but it had been in my pocket with me from the time i found it. I had kept your payal with me all the time because..” he raised his head to look at her eyes brimming with tears.”it made feel close to you when you were not around me.”

He held her gaze wanting her to know that he’s speaking the truth. He stood up as he removed her lep from his knee.”I am sorry khushi. I should have done this before, but in other things i didn’t notice.” he said slowly.

Pulling out the red box, he placed it in his left palm and opened it. With the index finger and thumb of his right hand, he took a pinch from the box.

Keeping his eyes on hers, he gently filled her maang with sindoor.”Forever” he whispered. A tear escaped from the corner of her eye, he gently brushed it off. His heart bleed seeing her in so much pain. “I am very sorry khushi. Please come back . Please..i beg you ,don’t do this to yourself.” he pleaded in horse voice, his eyes moist.

For the second time she averted her eyes from him. His heart clenched in pain. Cupping her face in his palms he placed a gentle kiss on her forhead. “I love you” he said in his heart.

“Lets get you inside. Its getting cold here.” he forwarded his hand to her wanting her to stand by herself. She didn’t move. “You will walk to the room khushi.” he said as he pulled her up by her arms. He held her shoulders and urged her to walk forward. “Khushi take a step forward slowly.”
She took a step but wobbled slightly and held his arm on a reflex. He immediately held her tighter.
“Hold on to me. I will not let you fall ever.” he promised to her and she looked at him and tighten her hold on him.

He slowly took her inside the room and laid her down on the bed. He sat next to her and ran his fingers through her hair. Her eyes started drooping and she slept. He continued running his hand through her till sleep enveloped him. He slept with his hand on her head.

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