Chapter 22

Her hands trembled as she searched each and every corner of her room. Cupboard, every drawer , searched through the all the clothes, below the mattress, behind the bed, not even a single place that has not been searched by her.

Her eyes roamed frantically all around the room, desperate to find a clue, a proof , even a small proof against him. Prayers left her mouth constantly , hoping that she was not too late.

As if her prayers were heard ,her eyes caught the one place that she had not yet searched. Slowly walking towards her cupboard ,she stood on her toes, running a hand on the top of the it. She felt it , the end of the paper just grazed her fingertips. Streaching her hand as far as she could , she managed to bring the paper slowly towards herself and caught hold of it atlast.

Taking deep breaths, she stood with the papers in her hand and for a moment just stared at it.

A lone tear escaped her eye as she finished reading it, but there was a peace settled inside her heart.
Its time that she take the responsbilities that she has neglected for so long. She has to come out of her own world and face the truth –that is life.

“Why are you doing this..??” Arnav heard her speak as he turned to put the plate of food back on the table. It has yet not sunk to him that she is talking. Everytime he hear her voice it always gives him goosebumps, his heart picks up speed and he closes his eyes to absorb the feel of her voice as it fell to his ears and straight goes to his heart and spreads to his whole body.

He turned and looked at her questioning eyes.”I am doing what..??”

“You gave me your mother’s mangalsutra, kangans and saved me..why..?? You should have let me die. Why did you save my life..?? I remember you shouting my name before it was all dark. You should have been happy that you are going to finally get rid of me and not save me.” Atlast she asked him all the things that he’s been doing.

In an instant he was next to her. He shook her as all the horrfying memories of that night flashed in front of him ,shaking him to the core.”I should have been happy..??” His eyes held disbelief as he said this.”Khushi if..if i had lost you that night, i would have followed you. Do you understand me. I would have not taken a single breath if you have been not in this world.”He tenderly cupped her face and asked in a desperate tone.”Why..why khushi why tried to take your life. You would have left you family alone here..?? You babuji..?? ”

She didn’t answered his question but asked one.”Why you would have followed me arnavji..?? You hate me.”

“I don’t hate you khushi. I never did. I would have followed you because i love you…”he placed her palm above his heart.”because it would have stopped beating without its other half.”

Her eyes lifted to his in utter disbelief.”You love me..?? ”

“I love you khushi. Please believe me. Please give me a chance to prove it to you.”He looked straight in her eyes praying that she could see the love in his eyes for her.

“You love me..”She repeated again and then there was it–the dhak dhak. She felt it. Her heart pounding in her chest and once again she felt alive.”Please say it again.” she pleaded him to once again feel her heart , to feel alive.

Her eyes , it was sparkling again, like they used to. She was coming back , his khushi was coming back to him.

He heard her plead to him to say it again, the words that he could continously say it every with breath he take. Gathering her in his arms, he whispered in her ears.”I love you..”he felt her shudder as his lips grazed the shell of her ear. His lips moved to her cheek. He said it again as he placed a kiss.”..I love you khushi..” Her small hands clutched his shirt in fist, her heart racing. She closed her eyes, her breathing heavy as felt his warm breath on her lips.

He paused just above her lips , giving her chance to back away if she want to. He felt her hands go around and clutch him from the back tightly. This was all he needed.
“I love you sweetheart..” he said before he gently placed his lips on her. He kissed her softly, it was his promise to her to never leave her, it was to reassure her that he love her, that he is very guilty about all the times he had hurt her.

They broke the kiss with khushi looking down, not able to look at him, her face red. This sight made arnav chuckle and tighten his hold on her. He placed a kiss on her forehead.”I love you always.”

Khushi put her head on his shoulder. She absorbed these words in heart. She ,after so many months is feeling something, she is feeling her old self after so long and she didn’t want this feeling to end. “Promise me..” she heard him say.

“Promise what…??” she asked.

“Promise me that you will never leave me..” She him shaking slightly as he took a raggered breath.”I will never leave you arnavji…i promise.”

Arnav relaxed , his head on the crook of her neck and he kissed her there and smiled as she responded to his touch by clutching him more

“Lets go downstairs.” He said breaking the hug.

Khushi immediately shook her head, her eyes loosing its shine which was there few minuter ago.”Hey what happened…?? Don’t you want to meet everyone. They have missed you so much…missed their crazy khushi.”

He saw her eyes , they held betrayal. And again she shook her head.”Please can we stay here..??”

He just smiled and nodded at her. He know that there are many questions that has to be answered. Many things that he needs to say to her , many things that he need to know from her. But these things can wait. For now he just want to relish the feel of her in his arms. Want to enjoy the feeling of love that has enveloped them both. Be relieved that his khushi, his old crazy is coming back.

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