Chapter 23

As NK entered the room, he was shocked as complete darkness welcomed him.”Di!” he called out carefully making his way inside the room. After a while the silence in room broke as the light burst inside the room.

“I am here NK bhai.” He turned towards the voice and saw anjali on the couch, looking frail physically but as he looked into her eyes, he saw steely determination and a realisation. A sudden terror gripped him. What had happened..?? Did she..?? No! It couldn’t be ! There was no way she could know.

Nk walked towards her. He gently spoke as he sat next to her.”Di hp told me you want to talk to me. Is everything ok..??” he place his on her shoulder giving her support.

Anjali said nothing instead she handed him the papers. Confused, he took the papers and start reading. With every line he read, the fury that was building inside him shocked him for a second as he was never a person who lost control over his temper. As he finished reading it , he heard anjali speak which froze him, making him stare at her in disbelief.

“End him!” the words spoken in calm voice without any emotion rang in his ears.

“wh..what di.. what are you saying..??” NK for the life of him could never believe what he heard and from whom. And for the first time since he entered the room anjali looked at him. He was shocked to see the resolve she had in her eyes. She meant what she said.

“You heard right NK bhai. End him! Its high time that i take up my responsbility towards my family that i do something for my family , and most of all for chote.” Nk opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out of his mouth.

“Don’t look so shocked NK bhai. When you were confronting chote i was there and i heard everything. It took me some time to absorb these cruel reality of my life. That my husband is a cheat , that he was lusting after khushiji , that he is the reason that chote has to kill his love for the only woman he ever loved and forced her to marry him, that he to had choose between me and his love of life.”

Her filled with pain as she spoke.”Chote had done everything to see me happy but it should have been me to look after him, to make him happy. But what i did , because me , he denied his only chance at happiness–Khushiji. All this happened because i was too blind in my so called happy life. But this has to end. Now its my turn to give my chote a happy life, to act what i am–his Di.”

Nk was surprised, amazed and proud to see a strong anjali. This woman is now arnav singh raizada’s sister in true senses.

“I know how protective you are of chote and believe me or not but you have a important place in his life. What you think of him matters a lot to him. He heard what he never wanted to hear, for which he even changed his surname, and that too from you. You compared him to that man whom chote hate from his very being. You don’t know how much hurt he must have felt to hear that from YOU. I am not saying what he had to khushi was justifiable. He deserved every bit of what you said to him but please do not ever compare him to that man.” Anjali requested him.

“I never intended to hurt nannav but as a big brother and moreover as a friend, it was my duty to make him realise that he was in the path of becoming the man he hate the most.” Nk explained anjali what he was trying to do.

Anjali nodded slowly.”I want my chote to have a happy life with khushiji. Will you help me NK bhai, to make our younger brother, our chote happy, to give him the happiness he deserve..?”

Nk placed his hand on her. “Ofcourse di. You don’t have to say it. I will do anything for your chote. But he will always be nannav for me, not chote.” he said making anjali smile a little.

Shyam manohar jha your end is near!


Arnav look last time at his work. Yes everything is perfect! Now just one thing is missing. Presence of khushi.

Khushi stood at poolside, thinking about arnav. His confession.

I love you sweetheart..

And then their first kiss. Is it all real..?? She thought. From the time she got know the real reason behind their marriage, she had felt dead. She was dead from inside so what was use of living. So she decided to end herself. She was giving nothing but pain to her loved ones and most of all to arnav.

But he saved her. He love her. This made her feel alive once again. She doesn’t want this feeling to end , she just want him and nothing else.

She yelped in shock as she felt herself lifted up. Clutching his shoulders she said breathlessly.”What are you doing..?? You scared me! Arnavji put me down.”

She looked up to see his smiling face and for a moment she was lost in him, in his eyes which twinkled with child like excitment.

He kissed the tip of nose to bring her back.”You denied to go downstairs, so i am taking you on the terrace. ” As he started walking towards poolside stairs leading to terrace she started to wiggle out of his arms.”Arnavji put me down. I can walk.”

But he tightened hold on her more.”I know but i like to carry my wife around.” that shut her mouth effectively.

My wife..

He had never caller her his wife. She thought and let him carry her where ever he want. When they reached the terrace, she had face buried in the crook of his neck.

Stopping he kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear.”Turn your head khushi.” She first look at him and when he gestured with his eye, she turned and looked head.

Arnav slowly put her down as her arms losened around his neck. Khushi couldn’t believe her eyes. The terrace was lightened up with so many lights. The sun was still visible, just on the verge of going down causing darkness to take over the world. But not here. This place was filled with lights ,so many of them. Darkness can’t even touch her. She turned around and hugged arnav tightly who was watching each and every expression of her.

Immediately his arms wound around her petite form. “Thankyou arnavji.” he heard her mumble against his chest. Dropping a kiss on her head he spoke.”Hey, why are you thanking me. Its nothing khushi. I want to do so much for you.”

He knew her fear of darkness but did he know that the fear had gripped her from the time she had been unconcious in the hospital. He had just reassured her that he would never let darkness anywhere near her. Khushi thought as she hugged him tighter.

“Ok now lets go and sit there.” He spoke breaking the hug and pointing towards the black mattress laid on the floor. He again carried her in his arms and this time she didn’t protest.

He gently lowered her on the mattress and she sat down with her legs stretched in front of her. Arnav brought a tray and placed it front of her. “I thought you would like to have a tea as the air is getting chilly.” he spoke as he made tea for her and khushi just stared at him. She took the cup from him and looked ahead to see sun disappearing and as the stars starts appearing in the dark sky , iilluminating it with their light.

“You know khushi , when i was small i used to love this time of the day. Ma and me used to watch as sun disappears and stars starts shinning in the sky with the slightly cold breeze blowing.”

Khushi looked at his eyes which were happy at the same time had sadness. She gripped his hand and placed it on her lap.”Its beautifull arnavji.” she whisphered and got a smile from him.

Cold breeze touched her skin making her shiver. Arnav felt it and immediately wrapped a blanket around her. After a while she opened her arms silently asking him to come inside the blanket. He lifted her up and setteled in between his legs. Her back touched his front. He wound his arms around her wrapping both of then with blanket.

He felt her stiff for some minutes but as he made soothing circles on her the back of her hand, she put all her weight onto him. As she snuggled more into his chest, he he tightened his hold on her, dropping a kiss on the side of neck he whisphered.”I love you.” Khushi turned and hugged him tightly burying her face in the crook of his neck. “I love you too..” she whisphered against his neck.

Shock, joy and so many emotions ran inside his body. He leaned back to look at her eyes, her face. But she was looking down. He tilted her face up and said his voice filled with many emotions.”Khushi, please say it again. ”

Khushi looked up at him. His eyes were showing how much vulnerable he was feeling right now. She surprised herself as well as him when she leaned forward whisphered against his lips “I love you arnavji” and placed her lips on his , kissing him, reasurring him that she loves him. He pulled her closer till she was sitting on his lap. Khushi encircled her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer to his body, making her feel protected in the warmth of his body, he kissed her, gently and tenderly, not taking anything just giving her, his love .

Wrapped in the warmth of the blanket, they kissed each other under the stars as soft breeze blew around them.


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