Chapter 25

Nand kishore malhotra is a fun-loving guy – true. But every human being present on earth persist every shade of nature known to the world. It’s in the hands of the people itself, which part inside them  would dominate the rest and ultimately which would define who they are and would make them who they are. Some people are short tempered, some are shy, some are funny, some are serious and some are evil. But that is not the only emotion or nature or trait whatever may one call it, they have. They have every part of nature earth inside them but in less quantity than the traits which defines their respective behavior. As they say that the human beings are made up of the combination of the five elements of universe: Earth or Prithvi; Water or Jal ; Fire or Agni; Air or Vayu and Ether or Akasha.

NK is not just a funny charming guy. He infact, being brought up in Australia, have many friends or contacts which can’t be called as good company. That does not make him bad. Everyone in their lifetime meets or interact with so many different kind people. And NK happens to know people who are – as one can say Bad people.

And now, it’s time to take their help.

To help his family.


“Di?” Shocked, NK could only utter this.

“This is the only way out, NK bhai and moreover this is what I want!”. Came the quick, confident reply without any hesitation that NK was sure he would be able to find, no matter how much Di try to hide it. Instead he found none.

“Do you know what it means? Do you HAVE any idea what you are asking me to do?” Is this some kind of sick joke? He cannot think, cannot even imagine Di asking him to do THIS. “Di, you should rest. You are not in the right state of mind. We will talk later about this.”

“I WAS not in the right state of mind NK bhai. Now… now I AM! Afterall, the blind from my eyes have been dropped. Now I am thinking straight, as a normal human being, who can differ between a truth and a made up lie, as a daughter, who wants to protect her family, as a elder sister, who wants to give his baby brother the happiness, he deserve. I am not out of my mind NK bhai! ” Anjali smiled, a smile of acceptance, a smile of guilt, a smile of determination. “Every time single time you ask me, my answer will be same. My mind will not change, there is nothing to change, no reason to change my decision.”

But why this only? There are many ways to protect themselves, to free this family from shyam. Then, why ONLY this? “Why, this? Is this some kind of revenge DI?” NK eyed anjali with sharp eyes. This is not only about her. He will not help her to take her revenge.

“The other ways does not remove him from our lives for forever. He will come back. You have not lived with him for so many years NK bhai, I have. I know his ways. We can use the money. But he will use his contacts, his clever advocate mind. We should not underestimate him. He is dangerous, NK bhai. I want gone from our live. For forever! I want chote, khushi and me and my baby to live freely without the constant fear of him. That he could return one day again to destroy us. You have seen what he is capable of doing with your own eyes. So, tell me, can you let him free?. So, he can come any day to destroy us?”

There he saw it. The honesty behind her every word. She was not after some kind of revenge. She is just protective and with her experience with that man. There is only one way to throw him out of their life.

Throwing an arm around her, Nk smiled. “Don’t underestimate me Di. I too have my contacts.” He winked at her. He turned serious, “But now is not the time. I know that you won’t change your decision. But for my sake, just think about it for some days. I don’t want you to regret your decision anytime in your life! And this is not easy for you, I know that. That’s why you have to think about it with clear mind.”

Anjali agreed. “So, how is your nannav?”

“Ah! Don’t ask me di! He is with his lady love. He is stuck to her all the time. I think he has glued himself to her with fevicol! He is such a child when anything comes to her. He does not even let hari prakash make the plate of food for khushiji! So much of possessiveness?! For him, we do not even exist! I mean I am his brother! He is mera bhai. He should spend some time with us also!”  Nk pouted, conveying his displeasure.

“NK Bhai! You are crazy!” Anjali could not stop laughing looking at Nk’s expression of a sulky child. “And stop pouting! I know that this is what you wanted. Chote taking care of khushiji or else..” anjali pretended to think something. “What you said to him…yeah! ‘Arnav Singh Raizada, the day you married her, she become my sister and who better than you know the protectiveness a brother feels for his sister.’ ” Anjali mimicked him perfectly.

His pout turned into smile. “Each and every word I said is true Di! Yes, nannav is my brother but when it comes to khushiji, every relation fades away, and I feel only protectiveness towards her. So between nannav and khushiji, khushiji will always win! He is taking good care of his wife and I hope that he would be successful in bringing his wife back to life!”

“He will NK bhai, he will! Don’t you know who he is? Arnav Singh Raizada!” anjali spoke exactly like arnav.

NK laughed out loud.“You should opt mimicking as a career Di! You are very good at it.”

“I’ll think about it for sure!” she said with all the seriousness she could, and broke into a hearty laugh with NK.



Where is it? He once again roamed his eyes over his around his room, hoping to his eyes would catch its sight this time. This time also he found nothing. His room was a mess now. He upturned his side of bed sheets; all the drawers and cupboard were open. He had kept it on the top of the file on the table before he entered the washroom. He remembered it clearly. Then where the hell it had disappeared all of a sudden? As his eyes turned to khushi, who sat on her side of the bed, turning the pages of magazine. It’s been one week, but she had refused to go down. Happy being with him in their room. Considering the effect all the past incidents have left on her, and her fragile condition, arnav didn’t persuade her to meet everyone else in the family and he decided not to tell them about the improvement in her condition knowing that they would want to meet her and will be hurt when he’d tell them that their khushi is not ready to meet them.

He noticed her looking at him from the corner of her eyes, her lips twitched slightly upward, proof that she trying very hard to control herself from laughing. His lips automatically curved up, realizing that she is behind the disappearance of his Bluetooth. Schooling his expression to one of frustration, he approached her. “Khushi, did you see my Bluetooth? I had kept it on the top my file, but I couldn’t find it now.

She looked up at with wide eyes, and then shook her head in negative very innocently. He narrowed his eyes at. He was just few steps away from her. “hmm…why am I having this feeling that you have my blue tooth.” Immediately he noticed the change in her posture. She was ready for a run.

“No, arnavji. Why would I take your Bluetooth?” His eyes followed her hand as she placed the magazine on the bed. Arnav Singh Raizada get ready for a long run!

He took a long step towards her just as she ran across the bed towards the bedroom door, showing his Bluetooth to him in her hand. He ran after her, always ready to chase her.

Khushi, in order to not to be caught by arnav, took the stairs leading to the living room where everybody was present. But khushi, who was in her own world, didn’t noticed them or where she was running to, didn’t notice as all of them stood up in shock to see her running down the stairs, as they heard sound of her payal.

All of them stood shocked, and just stared ahead as arnav came running after khushi, as he scooped her up in his arms just as she was at the last step, making her squeal in surprise. Arnav and khushi didn’t notice as each pair of eyes turned moist, looking at the happy faces of them, the smile of arnav’s face or the joy radiating from khushi’s face, as arnav, without any backward glance took her back in their room.



2 responses to “Chapter 25

  1. Nice update…
    Finally Arnav & Khushi are getting back to normal. So happy for them. Congratulations for your blog…

  2. awesum….love the bond NK and anjali share….nice convo between them…..loved the naughty arshi in their own world….continue sooon

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